The Tiny Barber Shop


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Ramse Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday   7am - 6pm

Saturday and Sunday   OFF

Austin Barber Event Review

We enjoyed a day of networking, competing, raffles and community.

Communication leads to community...
— Rollo May
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About us

The Tiny Barber Shop is a barber shop designed for the Austin scene. Entrepreneurs can now enjoy the combined benefits of park side work place away from the outrages overhead expenses of the commercial properties and catch the wave of tiny living and craze of food truck extravaganza right here in south Austin.

The Thicket is open to more than food trucks although they are namely a food truck park.

Enjoy misters this summer as you bring the kids by the marry go round or support local artists performing in the evenings as you check out the wide variety of food and community.

Built and owned by Ramses and Leah Polanco. Ran by the many barbers who step in to fill it.

Products We Use And Sell At Our Shop