How much are your hair cuts?

Both Barbers charge $30.00 for a short haired hair cut.

Because we are independent contractors we have our own prices, brands, services, hours etc. Please review your barber of choice website/instgram for more details. If in doubt contact us any time. @Lori_Lozano and RLPolanco (Ramz)

Do you have kids prices?

No. Hair cuts are $30.00 a cut.

Are you open Sundays?

No. No one is here Sundays at the barber shop. For specific barbers schedules check out their profiles are the home page. Including links to the food trucks of the thicket who are open on Sundays.

Do I have to make an appointment?

The short answer is yes.

Because we must honor our appointments first your wait on a day we are booked turns into getting squeezed out. Although we would love to take walk ins we do not have the cushion of having many barbers to wait on and choose from. We can only sometimes fit a walk in between appointments. So walk ins are at their own risk.

*Both of our barbers would love to have you - simply check out their availability and click the link in their profile on the home page to book an appointment with either of them at your convenience.

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